More street art

I found all these samples of street art in notre arrondissement.

mural graffiti near us 13th DSCN6435 DSCN6787
These three were made in different years as part of an annual event called LéZarts,  during which artists in le quartier open their studios to the public for a week-end. Each year one artist adds several works to available wall space.
DSCN6776 DSCN5555
>> I think the all the images on this wall (left, appropriately enough) in place de la Commune de Paris are printed on paper and applied to the wall with paste, like ads in le Métro. On the right, a rather Boschish dog on a co-op atelier at rue Neuve Tolbiac and rue des Frigos.
DSCN6311 DSCN5076
Panama hats(?) in the vicinity of Olympiades Métro. The mural on the right is near the Poterne des Peupliers tram line along the south edge of Paris.
DSCN5186 DSCN6034 graffiti mural across from Nationale metro
>> The face is in the elevator shaft at la Mairie. The cat is the other side of Métro Nationale from place Pinel.

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One Response to More street art

  1. astrid says:

    We love the street art in all the cities we lively,beautiful..provocative and or political. So much fun to read your blogs!

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